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HeavensDust - Re:BURN

和楽器×モダンロックの逆輸入バンド、HeavensDustのリミックス・アルバム。Taproot、ex.Insolence、BULLZEICHEN 88などのメンバーが参加。 (C)RS

1. World Goes Gray (Re: Graced Mix) [feat. Eijiro BULL ZEICHEN 88]
2. Unknown Pain / Life to Dawn (Re: Habilitated Mix) [feat. Jey-J]
3. Distressed (Re:Treat Mix) [feat. Motion Man & Kai_shine]
4. The Break (Re: Grets Mix)
5. Drowning (Re:Surface Mix) [feat. Nishi & Kai_shine]
6. The Ashes Still Warm (Re:Burn Mix) [feat. Gokigen Sound, Kai_shine & Kazuki]
7. Before I Die (Re:Incarnation Mix) [feat. Stephen]
8. Emerge from Silence (Re:Born Mix)